Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Shoot me Like "Terry" - 2

Something new that I've started. Spoke like Yoda I have . . . 

Camera: Nikon D700 + 24-70

After many people asked me to shoot them like "Terry" I come up with an idea . . . to shoot them like terry DUH . . ..
Well now when ever I am shooting, assisting, or some how included in a production of fashion shoot or fashion film I'll ask the model if I can shoot her like the way I want which is out of the topic.
In here my Friend and colleague Olgac Bozalp asked me to do lighting for his shoot and then I snapped this with my own light little setup. (1x SB900 + small softbox)

I asked the lovely model Jude to be her self infront of the camera and go crazy if she wants to, I didn't want to direct her in to a pose she might not like I just wanted to photograph the clear beauty.

The shoot me like "Terry" concepts are only for blog and documentary reasons. (maybe more in future, who knows what the future holds huh?)

Photographer: Bruce (Me)
Stylist: Marilia Chamon
Hair & Makeup artist: Cuneyt Ozketen
Model: Jude

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