Thursday, July 12, 2012

Angry Strobist is Angry . . .

Weeks ago I found a blog that Copies photos form Flickr group page and then posts them on a blog named StobistPlus.

When I saw that I asked in the Stobist discussion board, is it real or fake or how many strobist blogs are there?
The Post got the attention of some people and the manin guy Strobist (David Hobby).

I took screen shots of my post and his reply.

Wow if I could hear sound of his post I'd say the post is loud and angry. 
In my opinion David has the right to be angry about this blog, imagine that you do something great, build a internet community about photography and off camera flash then one guy comes and not only copies the idea but also thousands of posts and photos. 

Almost everything in internet can be copied, downloaded, or duplicated so my advice to you (to the readers if you exist or read) don't upload print size images and commercial work every where online. 

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