Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Behind the Scenes - Expressions Project

Here are some photos that I snapped while I was shooting the 5 week long expression project. 

Gina Harrison looking at me and my ancient Minolta X700. I was saying Who needs insagram when you have Analog Camera, Processing/Dark Room + Skills . . . and a film scanner which is not calibrated or something because the film comes out all fase color. 

One of my favorite Makeup artist & Friend Laura Kate Rzemienicka. Putting makeup to her self to test or we are going to Hyde Park to suntan ?

Alice Bizarre, All confident with her work. . . She says "Trust me I am Alice Bizarre" In Alice We Trust. 

Laura Kate Photoshopping, I believe if you watch some one do photoshop for 11 hours you can pickup a thing or two. Here is the proof :)

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