Friday, December 7, 2012

Current Project

Sorry guys it has been some time that I haven't write anything. (as if anyone checks my blog weekly)

The reason for that was I am currently working on my dissertation and Final Major Project and on top of that I am soon opening my own Photography Studio in London, I'll give the studio details when it is open.

Lets get to my current project which is called Final Major Project, but I've renamed it to "The Other Self"
I'll be focusing on triptych photography in this project and aiming on demonstrating the multiple personality disorder and the metamorphosis of the individuals personality.
So far I've done some tests and I've written the methodology of the project and as soon as stylist and makeup artists present me their ideas I'll start the production of the project.

Here is a sneak-peak of what the Makeup artist Laura Kate Rzemieniecka has in mind for one of the character in the project.

Isn't that drawing amazing?

In a month I'll start shooting.

Update below.
Ps: I forgot to mention I'll be shooting this project with 4x5 Large Format and use Kodak Portra.

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  1. Hopping news for me. I run one editing lab/studio in bow London. Hope we help your studio as you want.