About Blog

I started this blog in 2009, right around time I started my startup course "Access Course" Fashion Media and Communications which in completion lead to BA Fashion Styling and Photography. 

This blog is like an online diary for me, which is accessible by anyone who has access to internet and those who live in countries where blogger is not banned. 
Here I am sharing parts of my work, things I did/do while working, to some photographers this blog can be a source of inspiration, to others and non photographers maybe a insight to how average photographers works and does things. 

Since I really dislike advertisements I disabled advertisements in this blog. I also like simplicity, I don't want to write a blogpost where you have to click on it in order to read(this is mostly used in blogs with advertisements in order to get more clicks) However I will add that option on extra long posts. 

This blog is simple, you get in, scroll down, and read.
There will be times I will have a break from writing and there will be times where I publish blog posts daily. This is my blog to write whenever I please but I will try to keep at least one post per month, however don't take my word for it ;) 

In this blog you might see some posts with matching names and numbered from small numeric value to bigger such as "Shoot me like Terry, The Unseen, Behind the CameraLight Setup". These are segments I came up with in order to give some consistency to my posts. 
Shoot me like Terry segment will have photos I shoot once the photoshoot is over, which will mostly be on blank white background with hard light.
The Unseen segment will have photos I shot but didn't make the final chosen images for reasons like, not fitting to the theme, ethical reasons, or framing, styling repetition etc  . . . 
Behind the camera segment is as suggested in the name, mostly will have group shot, or setup stuff. 

If you have questions about anything, don't hesitate to ask me. I will try to respond to all reasonable questions. 

Thanks for coming.