Thursday, April 26, 2012

Nikon D800 VS Hasselbald H4D-40

Many Nikon fanboys have been waiting for a video like this for some time. I am a nikon user and I don't expect that Nikon to beat Hasselbald or any Mediumformat on a comparison. I don't think that any 35mm DSLR will be better than any Medium format DSLR. I'd chose Mamiya DM22 over D800 (DM22 has 22 Megapixels DUH) 

1. Nikon is 35mm    -   Hasselbald is 6x4.5 and even 6x4.5 I find it small. If they will make a medium format with 6x7 size sensor and revolving back I'll sell my house to get it. Imagine how much I don't like crop sensors in DSLR like Nikon and Cannon 
2. Hasselbald has Leaf aperture so as most of the medium formats, that means Flash sync speed up to 1/1600s flash sync speed up to 1/800 (onH system).  Mamiya and PhaseOne can go up to 1/1600
3. The DoF of medium format is way better than 35mm
4. 35mm DSLR has 14bit raw and medium format digital cameras or digital backs has16bit raw

However I am planning on selling my D700 and buying either D3X or D800 (probably D800+grip cuz of my budget) WHY? Because I need more Pixels. Photographers shooting Fashion and going in to commercial photography industry will never have enough pixels :D 

But my dream camera is 645DF with IQ180 digital back and one day I will buy it, I will buy it with the money I earn from photography, well maybe when that day comes there will be better cameras out there but still I'll buy some awesome camera. 


  1. I agree, most people using 35mm will love and support this Camera but those who used medium format will know 35mm can't compete with medium format.

  2. Its a real shame that most people entering into the debate have never used anything but 35mm equipment, coming from a large format and medium format background the digital cameras come nowhere near the quality of film medium format the detail and smoothness captured is amazing. You have to have used it to understand the vast difference.

  3. I agree with you both, If i have the money or earning really good money I'd get my self a sinar.
    Since 5x4 film being expensive and I don't have my own processing room / DarkRoom I can't do that just yet.

  4. "2. Hasselbald has Leaf aperture so as most of the medium formats, that means Flash sync speed up to 1/1600s "

    Hasselblads only go to 1/800 though. Only the Schneider Kreuznach lenses for Mamiya/Phase One go to 1/1600.

  5. Correct Mr or Ms Anonymous.

    I never used the hasselbald H system, but i know about the phase one, thus I thought they shared the same engineering. I'll update the post.

    Thank you.