Thursday, April 19, 2012

Mamiya RZ - RB Focusing Hack

Easy Manual Focusing for Beauty, extreme closeups, macro, Still Life and more the limit is your imagination.

For those of you who used Large Format cameras might know this or understand it really easy.

Have you ever wondered how did the Professional Photographers get in focus crispy sharp images with Medium format Manual focusing cameras, back in the time when a person can only imagine of auto focusing or see it in their dreams?

So in large format camera they put black curtain or blanket or what ever that doesn't allow light pass through, and then they look at the focusing screen and use a magnifying loupe which is around 8x or 10x and with that they focus. (fun thing to do, makes you spend more time to take the photograph and at the end you appreciate it)

However medium format cameras has their own focusing eye piece, or waist level focusing or what ever; but if you remove that you will end up with a smaller version of large format cameras focusing screen. Then just like Large format you can use the Magnifying Loupe.

You can do that with almost every medium format camera with manual focusing.

Here are some photos of what it looks like (For those people lazy to read what I've written above)

So what ever you are taking for example if it is beauty shoot and the model is right infront of the camera, you can look through the loupe and look at her eye and focus in to her iris.


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  3. Outstanding advice..I'll try it next shoot..thank you!