Saturday, June 30, 2012


In my opinion selling fragrance over images or moving image isn't easy job. Why isn't that easy, well how can one sell a smell with out making the audience smelling it?
So what they aim in here is to sell the life style of the subject/girl presented in the Ad. 
Let's look closer to the moving image/"video" . . . 
Count of characters and how many of them are make and how many of them are female ? 
-Well there is only one female character who appears to be the main character and many male characters.
Does the main character uses the product presented in the ad? 
Yes she uses the product. 
If yes what changes happen once she uses the product? 
The form and speed of entire video changes, putting her in the centre of the attention of all men. Suddenly it is like the world turns around her, and she is who she is, young, beautiful, flirty and  bit rebellious girl. 

Is she going after one men? or flirting with only one men? No All she does is spays the parfume and dances her way in to a bar/cafe and changes music, shows a bit of her ASS while dancing and all the men are dancing with her. 
Long story short, Dior aims to sell the life of this beautiful model, a life with out any sadness/problems, a life with  lots of attention of men, a life that you are the center of it. 
Of course this add doesn't make you go out and buy the product right after watching but it makes the audience curious. Curious of how this fragrance smell because boys want her and girls want to be her well (not everyone because this ad targets certain audience in age and class/lifestyle) 

Ps. I love the part where she has a cat on hear head, nice use of kitty meme. (this also shows that the audience of this ad is younger generations 16-26 maybe?)

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