Sunday, June 24, 2012

Style Hunting - Hat, Shades, Bag, Shoes

Yep you heard it right STYLE HUNTING is back in the menu. 
It has been so long I haven't get out there and look for stylish people.
When I saw this gentlemen I wasn't planning to find stylish people and photographing them but who cares about planning about style hunting it just happens and you spot some one and say thats it he/she is the one.
All I had with me was Minolta X-700 + 50mm 1.7 attached to it with Fuji C-200 film loaded, I said "hhmm this should do . . . Now should I ask him to take his photo or snap it from the angle I like and run like a Gorilla?" and I snapped from the angle I like then looked around me  and see people staring at me and then I stared back at them.

YES the film is POORLY SCANNED what do you expect from my holiday film scanner (made for travelling) 

I like that he is actually wearing something different than blue, gray, and black because here in London the weather is so boring it make the peoples cloths boring, it might look like that day was nice but in fact it rained 1 hour after I took that photo. 

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