Friday, February 3, 2017

Good News for Film!

Some good news! Its been some time that we did not have good news, but looks like 2017 is a good year for analogue photography and film. First kodak announced that they will be reintroducing the Ektachrome and now finally Ferrania announcing P30 (alpha).

If you are wondering what does the alpha mean ? is it in the name of the product? Nope! Alpha means its the first stage testing. Usually when a product is being made, they make a small batch of alpha to test the quality, consistency, compatibility etc... then some corrections are made and beta testing begins where its now sold or distributed wider audience. Beta testing is like a real world testing however the product is still open to minor tweaking here and there. 
Once they understand that the product is ok and no longer needs to be altered or tested they finalise it and it can be sold with company warranty.  

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