Thursday, January 7, 2016

Nikon F100

Its due time I write about this camera!

I mentioned this in my previous post, that I own a Nikon F100 analog camera. It's been a year that I have thoughts of replacing it but simply can't replace it due to my rational thinking. It was a gift to me from "now my ex" girlfriend Liza. It's  been with me over 5 years, and I enjoy using it very much. 

Why won't I replace it with Nikon F6 ? 

It has sentimental value. Not because it was just a gift but also I used it to photograph many great memories. I think cameras should be used and not collect dust behind a glass door or on a shelf. Thats why I gifted my Minolta X-700 to my friend who I know will cherish it and use it. 

A semi-pro body
(oh I hate that term) which costs about £150-200 which is nothing compared to F6

All my lenses works fine with the camera. Af is quick and VR functions as it supposed to be. 

As long as I use Lithium Ion batteries the camera and I will be happy, I put lithium ion batteries on 2014 and just replaced them last week! I think I shot more than 30 rolls of film with this. (also lithium ion batteries are very light batteries not adding much to cameras weight) 

Weather sealed, I forgot this camera once on bar table outside and it got washed pretty good under the rain for 1 hour or so (london weather) When ever I have this camera I don't have a bag with me, this camera takes just as much as rain water as I do. Some say there are too much dust entering the camera from back but the way I carry my camera minimises that. 

This is my travel camera, and I don't take photography that serious when I travel for holiday. I just put my trusty nifty fifty F/1.4 G Nikkor lens on it and hang it on my shoulder as I am traveling for holidays. No camera bag! No extra lenses! Like them TryHards. If I am serious  and I'd like to photograph the very beautiful landscapes I see on my travels, I will take Pentax 67II and a tripod. 

Here is below a SnapShot of a ferris wheel somewhere in London. 

Camera: Nikon F100 + Nikkor 50mm F/1.4 G
Film: Fomapan ASA 400
Scanned in EpsonV750 PRO

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