Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Finishing My Second Bottle of Kodak HC110

I finished my 1st 1lt bottle of Kodak HC110 in February 2016. Today 30th May 2017 I've finished my 2nd 1lt bottle of Kodak HC110. Its not a huge deal, but again I find it exciting. Also while Im looking at the quality of processed negatives from back then and now, I can see that I've improved ever since graduating from London College of Fashion and also I developed a very good and efficient home processing Black and White film with Kodak HC110. 

*I know the bottle looks not finished there, this photo was taken 3 weeks ago or so, the bottle finished today! I just added this cool aftermath of film processing marathon photo for demonstration purpose. Also nobody likes blogposts without photos/visuals, humans got lazier >=/  They want pictures and graphs and videos over reading posts and etc .  .  .
P.s. It took me two days to finish, dry, cut, and file those negatives and another 3 days to scan them all.

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