Sunday, October 25, 2015

Behind the Camera - Olwen

While just testing the light and other technical shizvoir(my own made-up word) I realised that, I had some photo left in my Pentax 67ii, knowing that it isn't the best studio beauty camera, I told my self "What the hell lets give it a shot" and shoot some photos of Lovely Olwen.

Knowing that Pentax 67ii has a laughable 1/30sec of flash sync speed, I worried about the ambient light effecting the backdrop exposure and colour . . . it did. However the results aren't as bad as I imagined. Also the shoot being shot on D800 and reason I used Pentax 67ii is solely to finish the leftover film in the Camera, I'm happy with the result. 

Camera: Pentax 67ii + 105mm 
Film: Kodak Portra 160
Scanned With Epson Perfection V750 PRO
Sometimes a smile can be better than a directed pose . . . sometimes(not always) ;-)

Photographer: Bugra Ergil (Me)
Styling: Maysa Nogueira
Hair&MUA: Louise Hall
Model: Olwen @M+p models

Link to shoot click here

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