Sunday, October 23, 2016

Behind the Camera - Cheyiz

Here is a group shot of the Cheyiz shoot. This photo was originally shot on now discontinued Fuji FP100c. however I gave the original Polaroid to the clients and kept the negative part so I could recover it. I didn't do any recovery process for over 4 months, and during this time the negative of the FP100c was resting on top of my dishwasher being exposed to sun, I was curious how this would effect the actual negative. 

In my experience, I get the most colour accurate and sharp results of the recovered negatives as long as I recover them with in the first two days I shot them. This four month old negative did indeed had more peculiar colours going for it self. 

Camera: Mamiya RZ67 ProII + 110mm F2.8
From Left to Right: Yasemin, Su, Issy, Bugra (me) 

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