Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Light Setup #5

5 Light Setup . . . Wish I had more ;) 
Here is the Light Setup I did while shooting the "Soft Androgynous" shoot. I wanted to make a Light source big enough to cover two models head to toe with same exposure and have the backdrop 1 stop less than the keylight.

Exposure from background is 1 stop less than the exposure from the models, I used 8x8ft textured grind cloth raised about a foot from the floor and looking down at the models an a slight angle, behind the textured grind cloth I placed 3 bare bulb 1000W strobes firing at 5.5/7 power (why that strange power setting because I wanted specific f stop in both Film and Digital camera.

Curious to see how it looks click on Read more below.

I positioned the Lights I have behind in a way that I wont interfere and change the exposure significantly while Im standing right in front of it. My original idea was to have the setup higher and looking down with an angle but the studio wasn't big enough to do it.

Here is the final result. 
Photographer: Bugra Ergil (ME)
Stylist: Zoe Springer
Makeup Artist: Maria Vez
Hair Stylist: Elettra Guggeri 
Male Model: Reece Harold @Premier
Female Model: Freya J Duffy @Premier

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