Saturday, October 25, 2014

Fashion Photography - Nue Punk

If I had £5 every time I wrote here that I will update the blog more frequent . . .  I would have £15.

Well I am writing now and I got my father to thank me. He made a phone call where we discussed business and my daily life, then he started to yell at me because I have not been posing much in my own blog. Funny huh,  getting scolded by your dad over the phone at age 24.

But Thank You DAD.

Here is what I've photographed while ago.

Cuneyt Ozketen really outdid himself, he is my top makeup artist to work with. Congratulations on your new agency CUCU. BodyLondon 

Camera: Nikon D800 + 70-200mm 
Photographer: Bugra Ergil
Stylist: Hangna Sohn Koh
Hair & Makeup: Cuneyt Ozketen
Nail Tech: Lee
Model: Eveline Rozing @SUPA

I will be posting about the light setup on this soon . . . This time I promise.

More photos at my portfolio. (believe me they look better there)

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