Thursday, June 20, 2013

Scanning negatives as positive.

Yep the title says it all, scanning negatives as positive then inverting them in photoshop.

So When I was shooting a part of my FMP, I used large format camera which was so fun to use, and also time consuming. But for such photos I could not just scan them and treat them as I treat 35mm negatives. 

So to get the most out of the negative (most in data/information) i scanned them as positive and invert the image in photoshop and Correct the RGB in Levels layer. 

This allowed me to use every bits of information that was on the negative.
More accurate colour and skin tones and more information in Blacks and Highlights on the negative. 

Here is a Silent video of how it is done. (in order to understand what is happening in video some knowledge in Photoshop is required)

This is a great way of working on negatives, even in black and white film if you have time for that.
So if you can capture an entire Photo shoot with 12 sheets of film I'd recommend you trying this.  

Scanner I used: Flextight X1 
Film: 4x5 kodak Portra 400 sheet
Camera: Linhof 

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