Saturday, December 7, 2013

Light Setup #1

Here is the very first Lights. 

I hope to post more over time, and post it with the better end result than myself so please do forgive me for my ugliness. 

I hope that this will become a usual thing, and I will try to post 1 or 2 every month. 

The backdrop is mint blue, Since blue has RGB values I picked it other than White or grey, and also the colour does look good even without the Gels, so it can act as a change in production if you one needs to make changes or need different looks in the editorial.

The background is 1 stop less than the key light.

There is also a additional small soft box under the Large beausty dish so the exposure on the model is the same head to toe. However the mid-length photos does not need such thing.

Note: Bare in mind that I've been testing lights that day with my friend Olgac, for about 4 hours and I am very tired, Very very tired.

This Photo is with out the Gels to give you guys an Idea of what colour the backdrop was,
Yes I know There is Light spilling on me in both photos from the right side, Thats because I was too lazy to put something between the light and me, however this was the test to get the interesting colour in the background.

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