Tuesday, June 11, 2013

FMP - Multiple Personality Disorder

Here we go again. 

This was my final Project for London College of Fashion. 
When it was over I was happy and sad that I was no longer a student, now the work got more serious because there is no more room for error. 

Since this was my last university project, I wanted to say goodbye to all the amazing equipment and resources that the university provided, thus I shoot this project on 5x4 Sheet film (Large format). 

I used a Linhof monorail camera with Kodak Portra 400. Processed the Film by my self in dip and dunk tanks and scanned it by my self again in Hasselblad Flextight X1 all provided in good old LCF. 

The multiple personality character Pam(the model) was having was inspired by the movie whatever happened to baby Jane. 

Photographer: Bugra Ergil 
Stylist: Wendy Ford 
Hair and Makeup: Laura Kate Rzemieniecka 
Model: Pam Lucas @Ugly 

I also shot on Mamiya and D800, when I have the time to Scan/Retouch them I will make a post about all 3 formats, and compare them, well obviously we know who is the winner. Why else would I choose the large-format files. 

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