Sunday, April 14, 2013

Fashion Photography - Young & Vibrant

Here is one of the Photograph I liked from the young and vibrant shoot.

I think We did this well.
The entire team and I are impressed with the models performance, and everyone was happy with the outcome.
Especially I am very happy with this photo because I like the navy blue. "There's only one secret item that can uplift man's charisma and dominate the whole outfit : it's defiantly a navy shirt. [...] Navy shirts according to me, should be matched with white or bright colour items so that you can carry off the flash impact" (Yasin S. T.) However in this case and in this photo shoot a women is wearing it, the impact is quite similar, not fully similar but again quite similar.

Camera: Nikon D800 + Nikkor 24-70mm 

Photographer: Bugra Ergil (Bruce) me
Stylist: Anna-Karin Wikstrand
Hair & Makeup: Hollie Lewis
Nail Technician: Mercedes Mires
Model: Tereza S. @Milk Management

Stay tuned for behind the camera and my next shoot post will be soon.
I'll be working with a surprise stylist. ;)


Yasin S. T

navy shirt : always right
S. T., Yasin. (2013) navy shirt : always right. OttomanDandy, [blog] 3 march 2013, Available at: [Accessed: 14th april 2013].

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