Saturday, February 9, 2013

Shoot me like "Terry" - 6

Aaww yea long time I haven't uploaded one of these. 

After a nice successful beauty shoot with Laura Kate Rzemieniecka which had some interesting snack and 2 bottles of vine, I followed the tradition of documenting the day with a snap of the lovely model Eren. So I popped my "TerryFlash" on and start snapping.

As usual I told her to be her self and also said show your self as you want to show yourself in front of the camera. 

 Camera: Nikon D3X + Nikkor 24-70mm 
Photographer: Bugra Ergil (Bruce) . . . ME 
Makeup artist: Laura Kate Rzemieniecka
Model: Eren Gencler

Also I forgot to mention, on this shoot I used D3X and Mamiya RZ67 ProII loaded with kodak portra ISO160.
So in due time I will post comparison images of D3X to Mamiya RZ67 ProII, which will be like a Film Vs Digital. 

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