Saturday, November 3, 2012

Sinar 4x5 LargeFormat

Ever thought there is more in to photography then 35mm . . . Nikon Canon Digital cameras & Mamiya Hasselbald Medium Format cameras? 

Well I had my first Large Format experience last year, that day I sad to my self "This is awesome" but since I was in tight schedule I could not shoot my projects on Large Format.

Last week in my University we had a Large format workshop, although the work shop was all about Large format and shooing film in colour and B&W, we didn't use any traditional film. Instead of the Film we loaded up the cameras with 5x4 photographic paper and expose our images to that.

Since we were only 3 students who actually attended the class out of 35 students( Which should have been divided to 3 groups) we had one whole day workshop (3 students and 5 Large format cameras) which was really fun.

I've shot on photographic paper in Large format, thus it was a interesting thing to test on for me.

I found out that, shooting directly to photographic paper was resulting in really Contrasty black and white photos where we lose a lot of detail from blacks and grey tones, so my Tutor suggested that I should test on pre-exposing the paper in darkroom by using a projector.

 Here are the results  . . .
Note: Since to ASA of the photographic paper is extremely low like ASA3 i had to expose both the photographs about 4 seconds.

(This one above is Photographic paper with out pre-exposing)

(This one above is pre-exposed photographic paper)

The one on the right is the first try of pre-exposing, the borders are not exposed and from bottom to top each shade is exposed 2 second.

The one on the left side is 2nd try, photographic paper where the borders are not exposed and from bottom to top every shade is exposed 1 second to light in Darkroom using the projector.

Since these scans are terrible on the left one you cannot see much difference from 1 sec and 2 secs but on paper it is easily noticeable to human eye. And that was what I was looking for, just little tone difference in blacks, thus I decided to pre expose it 2 seconds.

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