Sunday, August 26, 2012

Upgrading to Nikon D800

The Camera that I'll be getting soon.

I've been using my D700 for 2 years now and I know that this is not a very long time (in my opinion). Why? because I checked the Shutter count on my camera to see how much I used it, and so far in last 2 years I've only shot roughly 30.000 photos.

30.000 photos . . . I believe it is not a big number for 2 year time of shooting.
What have I done with my D700 so far? Well I only shoot Fashion and academic work with it, I haven't shoot any family, friends, travel, CATS, DOGS etc . . .
I believe if the D700 would meet my satisfaction I'd not be chancing it, and I know for sure that I'd be using the D700 more often if it satisfied my needs, but when ever I had to print HUGE images I shot in Mamiya RZ67 Pro II with Kodak Portra 160ASA of course.

Why Upgrade to D800?

1. For More Megapixels and Resolution

Why? If I was only shooting family, travel, Cat, Dog, babies, travel and all the other boring stuff or if my clients would print small size photos like 10"x8" then I'd stick with D700, but The fact is I only shoot fashion and fashion related stuff also the smallest size I print is 13" x 19". I know D700 can print 13"x19" if I Resize the photo, however the original file size from the camera with out resizing the photo is 9"x14" This can be enlarged easily 4 times greater than the original size how ever if I crop the image it becomes a hassle to enlarge. D800 on the other has the original file in 24.8"x16.5" with out enlarging on Photoshop, this gets the cropping and resizing way easier than it was.

2. For Video Function

Yes . . . Video you heard it right. With moving image taking an important role in fashion industry, having a Full Frame (35mm) DSLR which can record 1080p or 720p video and use different lenses is going to be a really big Plus to me, not to mention with the Dual card slots I can record video on SD card and Stills to Compact Flash Card.

3. ISO 

To start with I am not an ISO freak and I never shoot at low light, I know flash photography really well, and with flashes and a tripod I can get the combination of flash and ambient light easily. So I don't need high ISO at all. D700 could only go to ISO 200 and D800 can go ISO 100 that is 1 stop difference, which can help me on DoF. (how it can help me with DoF? simple if the flash meter is telling me that I am getting 1/125sec at f8 with 200ISO I'll get f5.6 at 100 ISO)

4. Performance on Portrait 

I am not a Camera geek, but I want accuracy in colours on the photos. And the tests that DxOmark shows that D800's sensor is the 3rd best so far, and first 2 places are Phase One digitalbacks for medium format cameras. Not to mention my Teacher at Perry Curties (fashion photographer and cofounder of 125mag) is a Phase One user who got him self a D800 and mention to me that D800 is a great camera. I know that Perry doesn't like 35mm that much but if he said it is a great camera there must be something great about it.

5. Price

For an amazing camera it has an amazing great price, in UKit sells something between 2500 to 2600 pound, a great deal if you ask me. Not to mention in USA it will be cheaper than it is on UK.

What I am not looking at?

1. Frame rate

I really don't care about frame rate, in fact even 2 frames per second is fast enough for me. All I shoot is fashion and when I say fashion I am excluding catwalk (that is event). Since I "create the moment" not catch and capture it I am not looking for a camera that can take a movie with stills.

2. High Bloody ISO

I really Really REALLY don't care if my camera can go to ISO 1324834543906045692. I know the highest I'll go is 1600ISO and I'll only do that to capture behind the scenes on fashion shoot, even for must behind the scenes I use a SB600 + small softbox.

3. File Size 

I really don't understand why People are crying about their file size, they are like" OH my D800 files are so huge I can only take 150 photos and my memory card is maxed out" seriously, I can only take 10 photos with my Mamiya RZ67 Anyways most of the time The camera will be tethered and when it is not I'm not a Trigger happy photographer 150 photos are enough for me to get one fashion shoot done. Also don't forget the 20 years ago sports, fashion, wedding, event, concert, and every thing was shot on film, and I bet they didn't need to shoot 2000 images to get 20 good usable photos.

Well this is most of the reasons
I'll add more if I remember something that I didn't mention.


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