Sunday, June 3, 2012

Fashion and Memes ? ? ?

Can such things like Memes change or influence Fashion OR can Fashion influence memes ?

Lets start with Nick Knight

As we all know that Nick Knight did a photoshoot for Instagram.
Well for those who don't know what is Instagram well I can say one thing, you are lucky. Its basically this hipster photo program for Iphone the ultimate hipster phone. The photoshoot was influenced over the internet Memes thus the instagram was a perfect tool for this shoot.
And here are some of the photos he took.

This Post is long so if you are interested click to see the rest on the link below

So I don't know if he is trying to be ironic by showing that, in the digital age we live in anyone with a phone camera or a dicent camera can be a photographer. Also can influence of the vast internet make changes in fashion or fashion photography? 

Lets look deeper in the Meme he used, the cute Baby animal MEME (puppies and kitties
So he focused on kittens and puppies being cute and adorable and combined that with Fashion and Model and done . . . you got a photoshoot. 
Lets analise the elements: Kittens, puppies, model, jewellery, the ideal fashion model (thin and beautiful*) 
Of course if I show these images to my fashion styling or fashion analysis teachers they can give a lecture on this and in that case I'd better bring my pillow to the class. 

Examples of some other baby animal memes. 

Cat in the Hat is a screen shot from 9gag and as you can see in 6 hours the meme had 18719 likes and got shared 1577 times in facebook.

Another popular meme is to put a cute baby animal and write "Can I haz ___________ ?" as seen below. 

Well lets not forget why we are here, we are not here to look at Memes we are here to see fashion and memes. 

Another Meme that came to my attention is The Professor Badass.

Here are some examples of the meme.

The photograph above is the original shot by The Sartorialist. 
The image was then discovered in Redit and other sites with memes. 
Such as the ones shown below.

The guy who is Professor Badass is actually Kevin Stewart. 
He was the the fashion Director of ESPN magazine and he is now the Co-Owner and the Designer of Roger Charles NewYork 

To sum up we can say that Memes they can Bubble up or Trickle down to fashion like trends. 


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