Monday, May 7, 2012

Chimping - Is photojournalism dying ?

Will the photojournalism become uncommon like blacksmith or chimney sweeps? 

This video should be viewed by any PHOTOGRAPHER (Fashion photographer, photojournalist, commercial photographer, wedding photographer, sports, event, entusiast  etc. . . )

Out of every photographer, the ones that I respect the most are photojournalists, not the photojournalists that work for the tabloids which I mean by celebrity and stupid news stuff such as "monkey running from zoo and driving a car" to take the front page or "some celebrity drinking and driving" but those photojournalist that take the photos of war, those journalist that show the world how much people suffering.

In my opinion that is one of the professions that should not change. Other people taking photographs for news are fine for me but those actual photojournalists has to be there because they are willing to push the limits to get the photographs.

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