Thursday, February 9, 2012

Bored in Photography Studio.

Let me tell you guys the story behind this photo. A photographer friend of mine booked a studio for her shoot but somehow the shoot got cancelled in last day. So she had the studio to her self for 6 hours. Because of the school rules she has to be there if she doesn't want to get fined. So she called Anup (my friend) and I to chill and do different light setups in studio and play around. 

The studio has 5 Strobes, and 2 redheads (redheads are 800w tungsten continues lights) 

I piked the redheads and positioned like in the way shown in my sketch below. (damn bad handwriting) 

Since they are fixed powered, 800W all the time I used the barn doors and distance to position them. 
Main light was away from the subject and had narrow barn doors, and I added another one almost from the same angle but closer to subject with the barn doors wide open to get highlights which will add more dimension to photograph. 

It took me less than 3 min to set up the lights and get this result :D 

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