Saturday, October 1, 2011

UnderWater Photography - COLORS

As you may know during the summer I had LOTS of Free Time and put that free time in to good use and become a diver. It wasn't easy as easy as I imagined . . . Well theory and practice part was easy but my teachers were from military so they were strict & hard. When I took the under water photography course I learned that colors lose contrast or completely change or disappear under water.

The picture above shows in which depth colors change or disappear. (the writing is in Turkish but still you can understand)

Between 3 - 4.5  meters and below RED
In 9 meters and below ORANGE
In 18 meters and below YELLOW
Between 27 - 46 meters and below GREEN
In 46 meter BLUE
Under 46 meter DARK BLUE and PURPLE

The colors that are lost can be seen in light. So if the diver has under water light or under water flashgun for the camera then he can capture the true colors by lighting them.

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