Monday, December 20, 2010

Da Grip ! - By:Joe McNally

Focusing left eyed brings your motor driven camera closer to your left shoulder. (Really Joe, no shit?!) That’s a good deal. If you swing your body around into something resembling a boxing stance, your left shoulder becomes a base, or a platform for the camera body. It also brings your center of gravity back under the camera. Also a good move.

(grip-left eye)

How to do.

Put the left mitt under the lens, or, if truly skinny on shutter speed whilst using a short lens, clap that puppy over your right hand gripping the camera. (Clap that puppy hahaha) Basically place the camera on your left shoulder. Tip: Not on the bone) 




On the third photo he is not holding the lens, why? 
Some of the lenses such as 17-55mm (link) or 14-24mm (link), the photographer doesn't need to hold the lens all the time since there is not much the zoom and there is no aperture ring on the lens anymore. 

(Warning, warning! This camera grip is much more convenient and doable if you are left eyed and use a motor driven camera, which is obviously deeper, say, than a D70. So we’re talking a D300 with a grip, or a D3, that type of body. Also, the left eye thing. I just have always used my left eye. Dunno why.)(JOE) 

Da Grip by one of my favourite photographer Joe McNally

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