Friday, October 8, 2010

Structure of my new course.

Fashion Styling and Photography

This unique course provides you with an integrated knowledge of the various aspects of fashion styling and photography. It presents an exciting educational experience that incorporates cultural studies with creative practice. The programme will enable you to develop an enquiring mind and a range of specific transferable professional as well as personal skills. Technical and professional skills are nurtured alongside creative and conceptual initiatives, and through practical and theoretical assignments you will develop an understanding and a critique of fashion as image and cultural product.

You will follow a programme of core studies in practical styling and photography and these are linked together through a series of lectures, demonstrations and practical assignments. Personal and professional development including communication, negotiation, team working, networking and studentship skills are measured and assessed in conjunction with core subject skills, in the interests of an overall learning experience that is relevant and useful.

Cultural and contextual studies support and inform this development through project work that is largely textual. You are supported throughout this in a teaching and learning environment that is ultimately focused on your needs wherever possible. Students are encouraged at all times to identify and develop their own working methodology and style against a backdrop of a professional establishment that is constantly ready and waiting to be pushed, surprised and transcended. In the final year, you will complete your Final Negotiated Project that will focus on either fashion styling or photography.

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