Tuesday, November 8, 2016

The "ALE"

Not all the props in the photoshoots are real. In fact almost all commercial food photographers shoots uneatable food. In this case the ale in the glass is not actually ale; it's just over brewed tea made with London's hard tab water. 

Camera: Pentax 67 II + Pentax SMC 105mm 2.4
Film: Kodak Portra 800 shot at Box speed
Processed in Kodak Flexicolour C-41
Scanned in Epson Perfection V750 Pro
Photography: Bugra Ergil (me)
Styling: Lenita Visan
Makeup: Jess Sumer
Hair: Yumi Noh
Model: Peter Mnych @AMCK


  1. I've worked in food photography for over 5 years. Every single shot i've been involved with, with over 7 different photographer has been of food that was 'EDIBLE!'
    I'm not sure why people insist in perpetuating they myth of food photography not being edible or real food? It's not the 70's anymore!

    1. I've recently picked up food photography my self. From my experience the food we photographed was in deed edible but it was not the food that viewer assumed it was. We used slightly coloured cream cheese as a double for Cooked cream (cheeper and more dense), coloured cold water as double for balsamic salad dressing (balsamic is not acidic or basic (alkaline) but maybe its the salt it contains) changes the shape and volume of the salad over time, not to mention of using flour as a double for powder sugar. All these are Edible? Yes? But not tasty and contains ingredients clearly not meant to be there. In conclusion I'd eat pastries with real baked cream and salad with real balsamic dressing over the ones we made for photography.

      I am sure that reality of food and its ingredients goes up with the production values.