Monday, June 13, 2016

Changes in my BAG

Ever since I switched to medium format film from digital I had difficulties with the bag I have. Current camera bags which are made with 35mm digital cameras in mind, thus making it very dificult to be space efficient with cameras such as Mamiya RZ67 and Pentax 67 II, and I did not want to pay £250+  for a Pelicase tailored to my needs! 

I came up with the idea of why not turn inside of my bag to one of them fancy foam cases? 
With little research and measuring I turned my Calumet roller bag in to sexy Calumet roller bag!

It cost me £20 to do so!

Old Management 

Separators are not optimised for Medium Format cameras. 

And here comes £20 pound foam! 

New Management

Its not very pretty but I've gained more space right in front of the Pentax 67 MKII 

PS. I still use digital on product and other photoshoots where creative freedom is not in my hands

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