Thursday, March 29, 2012

Software I use and Recommend

As every one knows editing, retouching, developing is as old as photography. 

Before the Digital age photographers developed their image in darkrooms with using black papers with a hole on it. Some of them even tampered negatives to get the results they are looking for. However with computers and software this process got a lot easier and faster. I am not going to write how that process evolved DarkRoom to Computer today, I'll simply say which software I used and which I am using. 

In every shoot, I try to use CaptureOne a program made by PhaseOne. (I say I try because sometimes due to weather or location conditions I can't have a laptop with me) 
I have CaptureOne in my 15 inch MacBook Pro, and the I Macs in Studios has them as well. 
This program allows me to shoot the images directly to Computer. I am not a chimper and I don't like chimping. 
For those don't know what is Chimping. Chimping is when a photographer is checking LCD screen behind his camera after every exposure. I'll write more about Chimping in another day. 
So I only look at the LCD screen to see the exposure, read the histogram, and the framing once I got everything I don't look at it anymore, but shooting fashion is different, there is a team behind you and they want to see the photographs. CaptureOne allows me to shoot directly in to computers memory and display images in computer as I am shooting, that way I don't stop and show my camera to people around me, also it allows me to make some adjustments as I am shooting such as white balance. More info on CaptureOne click here.
Every Fashion, Commercial, studio, photographer and people who want to be in the industry of, Fashion, Commercial, Studio photography should try this program. (use if you like I don't care)

Adobe Photoshop LightRoom and Adobe Photoshop CS5 extended. 
LightRoom and Photoshop are both programs made by Adobe (DUH) and they are very similar in someways. I think Adobe developed the program LightRoom for oldschool photographers, and photo enthusiasts. I used LightRoom and Photoshop CS4, CS5, and what I think is Photoshop can do everything LightRoom can do and even more. Camera Raw of Photoshop has the same functions of Lightroom and photoshop itself is a magnificent tool. What LightRoom has and Photoshop don't is a Picture library, LightRoom organizes photographs in a really good way and labels them in a easy to find way. However I don't need that when I am using CaptureOne 95% of the time. 
LightRoom Is decent program for photography, and if you are a wedding, event, sports photographer or even a photojournalist, It will match your needs. 
I use them both but I use Photoshop in academic, fashion and commercial work, and I use LightRoom when I snap something I Like, behind the camera, less serious stuff and, etc . . . 

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