Thursday, February 2, 2012

After a Fashion Shoot

So 2 days a go, I shoot a look book for a designer friend of mine (Sarmite Ostanevica). And that shoot was a great opportunity for me to take my Mamiya to a teset and see what is my Baby can do. (I already know what it can do, I used it before but never used my own before) it feels great to use your own camera, way better than renting it.

In the shoot, I used D700, F100, and Mamiya RZ67. The reason I used all 3 cameras are simple. 
  1. D700 to get instant results in Capture One in Imac and Digital files are fast, from camera to Photoshop 
  2. F100 to use transparency film and get slides if necessarily. 
  3. I just love the 6x7 images that comes from Mamiya.  

13 exposed rolls from Mamiya (130 photos)
4 exposed rolls of Slide film 
and 18 GB of Digital Data. 

Photoshop will take forever O_O 

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